Braintree Payments Launch in UK

BraintreeBraintree, a well-funded US payment processing company, has now launched a UK service.

Braintree offer a payment gateway with a good range of features that has become popular amongst trendy technology startups in America. They are known for having a developer-friendly API that makes it relatively easy to integrate with websites.

The company received $34 million in venture capital funding from Accel Partners in 2011. I expect them to quickly grab mindshare here in the UK with our local technology startups and to expand from there to more mainstream merchants.

Braintree recently acquired mobile payments company Venmo, so look out for some interesting mobile offerings from them, too.

Personally, I think the arrival of companies like Braintree is a great thing for UK merchants as it will give extra encouragement to existing payment gateways to improve their APIs and over all service.

Matt Collins

Matt's the owner of PaymentBrain where he focuses on helping business owners figure out their payment processing questions. Matt has been involved with ecommerce businesses selling everything from wine to knitting yarn.

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