Want a Credit Card Terminal? Here’s How to Get One For Free

iZettle Lite Credit Card Terminal

Credit card terminals are typically pricey things. But right now you could get one for free!

Have you heard of iZettle? They’re a Swedish company that have been trading in the UK for the last few years, offering credit card terminals that connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. These terminals currently cost £49+VAT.

But now iZettle have released a new terminal. And this one’s free!

The new card terminal (known as iZettle Lite) is a chip and PIN device that you attach via a good old-fashioned cable to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. The device is completely free, meaning you only need to pay for transaction fees.

The free card terminals are available to sole traders as well as limited companies, though iZettle say they’re not offering them to individuals.

If you run an occasional stall at a market or have another small business where you’d like to take credit and debit card payments, this is a great opportunity to give it a go.


Matt Collins

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