How Are Greek Capital Controls Affecting Card Payments?

shattered Euro coin in front of Greek flag

The situation in Greece is getting critical. Under controls brought in by their government this morning, Greek people are limited to withdrawing €60 per day in cash from their bank accounts. But how are credit and debit card payments affected?

It turns out that card payments within Greece are still allowed as normal. Greeks can continue to make purchases in person or online using credit cards and debit cards so long as they’re buying from companies with Greek bank accounts.

But credit and debit card purchases from non-Greek companies, however, are blocked as part of the measures to stop capital leaving Greece. So if you run an e-commerce business that normally receives orders from Greece, you’ll likely have seen those orders dry up for the time being.

Do you accept credit and debit card payments from Greece? Have you received any payments from Greece since the capital controls were introduced? Let us know in the comments below.

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