How to Get a “Pay With Apple Pay” Button for Your Website

Apple Pay

On Monday, Apple announced that you’ll soon be able to make purchases on websites using Apple Pay.

But how will this work?

And what will you, as a merchant, need to do to accept Apple Pay on your website?

Let’s have a look…

How Will Apple Pay Work on the Web?

Until now, you could only use Apple Pay in the real world or in mobile apps. Monday’s announcement is about allowing Apple Pay to be used on websites.

The video from Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) shows how it will look:

On websites with a “Pay With Apple Pay” button, customers browsing in Safari will be able to authorise purchases just by clicking the button and pressing their finger on their phone’s fingerprint sensor.

This should mean a low-friction checkout process for these customers which should improve your website’s conversion rate.

How to Get a “Pay With Apple Pay” Button for Your Website

Now that you know how it works and how the “Pay With Apple Pay” button could help your business, you may be keen to get it setup on your website.

Unfortunately, although Apple have announced lots of large retailers who will be adding the new “Pay With Apple Pay” button, they’ve yet to explain how the rest of us can get the button.

But I expect this to change soon. And when it does, Apple will almost certainly link to the instructions from here.

I’m also expecting popular online payment gateways to add support for Apple Pay. If you’re already using one of these then you may get the option of accepting Apple Pay automatically.

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