SumUp Smartphone Credit Card Reader

SumUp Enters Battle of the UK Smartphone Credit Card Readers

SumUp Smartphone Credit Card Reader

SumUp is the latest company to release a smartphone credit card reader suitable for UK retailers.

Competing with services such as iZettle and mPowa, SumUp also provide a card-reading dongle to attach to your Apple or Android phone or tablet.

Importantly, SumUp accepts both Visa and MasterCard. For MasterCard payments, customers enter a signature on the device. Visa payments are reportedly verified using a clunky-sounding process involving a secure SMS.

SumUp charges a flat 2.75% transaction fee, with no monthly charges. The app and card reader are free. This pricing makes it competitive with iZettle and cheaper than mPowa’s current offering.

[Update: see our round-up of UK mobile credit card readers.]

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