A Surprising Way to Market Credit Card Machine Rental

Ads for credit card machines on eBay

Every business needs to market its products and services but some businesses get more ‘creative’ about their marketing than others. Today’s prize for creativity goes to a company that is promoting its credit card machine rental service in a surprising way — with listings on eBay!

eBay is known for one-off sales of products; not so much for rentals. So if you happen to be searching for ‘credit card machine’ on eBay and come across a ‘Buy it now’ ad like the one below, you might like to think you’ve found a bargain…

Credit Card Machine Ad on eBay

99p for the machine and free postage. Not bad at all! And after clicking through to the listing, it’s still looking good…

eBay listing for credit card machine


After that, there are some nice pictures of the device and details of its features:

Credit Card Machine Product Details

It certainly seems like you’ve stumbled across quite a deal.

Eventually, though, when you scroll further down in the listing, things become clear:

This is a rental only not purchase

So you’re not about to get an extremely cheap card reader after all.

There is no credit card machine for sale for 99p.


Instead, this is a devious way of catching your attention to sell you credit card machine rental and merchant account services.

Searching further on eBay, I discovered that these product listings weren’t the only ones. I found a total of 5 listings, all but one at the £0.99 price. No doubt a certain number of business owners do search on eBay for credit card machines and come across these ads. And some of those probably end up calling the company who placed the listings (they handily include their phone number in the listings.) I wonder how many sales the company makes this way.

What ‘creative’ marketing tactics like this have you come across?

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