These Companies Are Getting Around the Ban on Credit Card Surcharges (Here’s How)

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As we mentioned earlier, since 13th January 2018, UK businesses are no longer be allowed to charge extra for paying by credit card or debit card.

Inevitably, some businesses have found ways around this.

Here are the ones we’ve heard about so far. (Let us know if you’ve heard about others.)

Just Eat

The popular take away ordering and delivery service made themselves distinctly unpopular by announcing that they’re replacing their 50p credit card surcharge with a 50p ‘service charge’ that will apply to all orders (even those where customers are paying cash on delivery).

Indigo Parking

This parking company have replaced their credit card surcharge with a ‘convenience fee’:

Swansea City Football Club

Since 3rd January, Swansea City have begun charging fans booking fees of £2.50 per ticket for tickets bought in person or via the phone and £1.60 for tickets purchased online.


As reported by The Independent, Online travel agent Iglu was originally going to charge customers a whopping £25 booking fee for booking by card (it’s not clear why they thought this would be okay). They later changed their minds and now, apparently, are going to remove the credit card payment option in a lot of cases. Instead, customers will have to pay by bank transfer.

Unicorn Cinema, Abingdon

According to local taxi driver, Colin, the Unicorn Cinema in Abingdon have replaced their £1.60 credit/debit card processing fee with a booking fee that, according to the cinema’s latest terms and conditions, is “in consideration of providing the online booking facility”.

(Note: we love independent cinemas and we know they face an uphill struggle to exist at all, so go easy on them!)


One thought on “These Companies Are Getting Around the Ban on Credit Card Surcharges (Here’s How)

  1. So who is doing what to stop these companies flouting the law and charging members of the public for the convenience of buying a car park ticket in the case of Indigo to park in their car park?

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