Do the #VATMOSS Rules Apply to You? Answer These Questions to Find Out

New EU VAT rules are coming into force from 1st January 2015 that will affect how businesses need to deal with VAT on digital services supplied to non-business customers in the EU.

They’ve caused quite a stir with many small business owners taking to Twitter in protest using the hashtags #VATMOSS and #VATMESS.

Do these rule changes apply to you?

Answer the following questions to find out.

(Note: all questions are based on information from HMRC here.) 



Q. Do you supply digital services – broadcasting, telecommunications or e-services?

Examples of e-services are video on demand, downloaded apps, music downloads, gaming, e-books, anti-virus software and online auctions where the service is automated. Merely communicating by email and sending attachments does not constitute Digital Services.

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