When Credit Card Processing Gets Blocked: 7 Online Services Greeks Could Lose

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Imagine if your credit card was blocked and you couldn’t get another. Gradually the online services you pay for would get shut off.

That’s the situation Greek people and companies are in today. With capital controls in place, Greeks can no longer pay for online services from non-Greek companies. Which services are they missing the most?

Panos Papadopoulos of Splunk.com was so concerned about this issue, he helped set up an organisation called Zerofund to assist Greek startups who are currently unable to pay for their online services.

According to Panos, these are some of the services Greek startups are most concerned about losing:

1. Amazon Web Services

AWS, Amazon’s cloud server infrastructure has been enormously successful. It’s incredible powerful and usually very reliable. As long as you keep up your payments for it…

2. Hetzner

Another web hosting provider, this time based in Germany. Without your web server, an online business can’t do very much.

3. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean are a large US-based web hosting company. They specialise in low-cost hosting and have become very popular around the world, including — it would seem — in Greece.

4. Google Adwords

Businesses need to promote themselves. And these days there are few marketing channels more popular than Google Adwords. Normally Google Adwords can bring in a steady stream of customers. But if you stop paying for the ads, the customers are no longer going to be able to find you.

5. Facebook Ads

With Facebook’s growth, it too has become a very popular place for businesses to advertise, including businesses based in Greece.

6. Atlassian

Many businesses these days use online collaboration tools to get their work done. Atlassian is one of the most popular of these tools. If you can’t see the status of your project, it’s hard to get much work done.

7. GoDaddy

GoDaddy provides domain name registration services to a huge number of businesses around the world. Domain name registrations have to be renewed on a regular basis. Worryingly, if you can’t pay to renew your registration, you could lose valuable domain names that you’ve been using for years.


These are just seven of the online services that Greeks could be losing access to. But they’re certainly not the only ones. Nature, for example, reports on how Greek scientists are losing access to online scientific journals. Whether Greece stays in the euro or not, we hope this situation gets sorted soon so that Greek credit cards can once again be accepted abroad.


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